FASTag has changed the way toll payments were taking place in India. The use of this RFID technology made the toll transactions easier, there or less wait time and traffic jams due to that at these toll plazas. On the other hand, toll transactions tend to be an important aspect of managing your FASTag account. This guide will teach you how to check your FASTag history so that you are always aware of the tolls processed and get a reminder well in advance for payments or account balance.

What is FASTag?

FASTag (charge card) is an electronic toll collection system in India, operated by the National Highway Authority of India. By now, you must have understood that this is an automatic payment system in which Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is something from a linked Saving or prepaid account. The tag is placed on the windshield of a vehicle and enables cashless transaction at toll gates.

Why FASTag History Check is Important?

It is important to check your FASTag history for several things :

Check Transactions: Verify that all toll deductions are correct.

Account Management : This will allow you to ensure that your FASTag account is adequately loaded with a balance.

Dispute Resolution: To provide proof in the event of erroneous toll deduction.

Budgeting: For The Regular Travelers. Financial Planning

How to Check FASTag History

How to Check FASTag Transaction History Steps for different Methods

Through Bank FASTag Issuing Portal

FASTag is issued by each bank from his end which provides the facility to check their transaction history online. General steps that are usually applicable to most banks

Step-by-Step Guide

Login to Your Account:

Simply, go to the bank website (from where you had purchased FASTag) at which your passbook account is hosted.

Sign in with your credentials (ID, Password)

Click on the FASTag Tab

Locate the FASTag or toll payment section.

Select ‘Transaction History’ for Sign In & Security, or on the down-arrow next to ‘Statements…’.

Select the Date Range

Select the period for which you want to pay a history.

After that, press ‘Submit’ or ‘Search’.

View and Download

You will see your transaction history.

History You can download / print this history for your records.

Using the MyFASTag App

Accessible on both Android and iOS, the MyFASTag app is an easy way to manage your FASTag account How to see through app history

Step-by-Step Guide

Step-1: Download and Install the MyFASTag App

Just visit Google Play Store/Apple App store.

Go to search and simply type MyFASTag & install the app.

Login to Your Account:

Launch the app, and log in using your credentials.

Go to Transaction History

Select the tab ‘Transaction History’.

Choose a (DATE RANGE) to see transactions in that period.

View Details:

The comprehensive list of transactions will be provided by the app during that selected period.

You can also download the statement for later reference.

Via Customer Care

Alternatively, if you are uncomfortable with online methods, then the history of FASTag can also be checked by contacting customer care service for your issuing bank. Here’s how:

Step-by-Step Guide

Call Customer Care:

Call the customer care number of your FASTag issuing bank provided on it.

Verify Your Identity:

Like Your FASTag account number, vehicle no or last registered mobile no.

Transaction History Request:

You can ask your agent to generate a copy of the transaction history for certain time.

They may simply send you the statement in an email or tell you to follow up online.

Using SMS Alerts

Spread the love Most of FASTag issuing banks its alert through SMS after every transaction. 1,306 total views, No views today DATABASE HISTORY Management This list is a living document NOT comprehensive history ONGOING LIST OF RECENT TRANSACTIONS CURRENT AS at DATE: ____ /____/_____

Step-by-Step Guide

Check SMS Alert notifications are switched on,

Ensure that you are using SMS alerts for transaction purposes.

Check Your Messages:

You will get an SMS for every toll deduction.

Keeping these messages can help you quickly refer to recent toll deductions.

Email Statements

In addition, certain banks send you monthly or periodic email statements about your FASTag transactions.

Step-by-Step Guide

Check Your Registered Email:

At first, open your registered email id with the FASTag issuing bank.

Search for Statements:

FASTag Issuer: You will get transaction summaries detailing the SKUs or more detailed statements via emails from your FASTag issuer.

Download and Review:

Get your statements downloaded and check for the movements you made.

Issues and Troubleshooting

  1. Incorrect Deductions

If you see something in your transaction history that appears to be an inaccurate toll deduction, do the following:

Reach Out to Bank: You will have to contact whatver customer care bank is with which you purchased the FASTag.

Show the Proof: Post your transfer records and all other relevant information.

Follow Up: Make sure the issue is sorted and refund an incorrect amount.

  1. Unable to Access Account

If you are having problems in logging into your FASTag Account:-

Change Password: You will have to click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option from the logging page.

Step 0: Update App (Check whether you have the recent version of MyFASTag app. – Mandatory)

Get Help: Call customer care for help.

Ways to Manage your FASTag Account

Available Balance: Keep sufficient balance in your FASTag account to ensure hassle-free passage across toll plazas.

Always Review History: Take care in looking over your transaction history, routinely but not obsessively.

Update your Information: Consistently make contact details staff to gain a good measure of opportunity seen reminders

Enable auto-reload options whenever possible so that your FASTag will be automatically recharged with money.

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Here, you always need to check your FASTag history and availability such as a part of the process that helps with toll payments as well. From online portals, mobile apps, customer care to SMS alerts and email statements; there are options that fit right into your daily schedule. This monitoring ensures sufficient balance at all times, discrepancies are resolved and you remain financially organized. This way you will be able to track all of your FASTag toll transactions easily as well as a seamless experience for the same.