Intraday trading in Indian stock and commodity markets can prove to be lucrative if the overall strategy is performed accurately, leveraging the timing advantage of volatility that exists during a single trading day. One of the strongest tools on this line is Amicharts, which provides great functionality for easy analysis and trading strategies by both beginners and experienced traders. In this article, we will tell you in short about Intra day trading whenever the name Amicharts makes too much sense and what strategy should be used for intra day success.

Introduction to Amicharts

Amicharts is utilized by trading professionals worldwide – offering first class charting, analysis and data tools. It offers sophisticated technical analysis capabilities that enable you to classify symbols, develop your own indicators and even provide back-test trading strategies It also provides access to all your real-time and intraday data in either one minute intervals or better for high-speed trading platforms

Intraday Trading in the Indian Stock Market

Basics of Intraday Trading

Intraday trading is defined as buying and selling of stock or commodities within the same trading day. It seeks to profit on minor movements, thus knowing the trend type of market and promptly decision making is needed. You have to be alert and quick in executing trades, because unlike what is required for long term investment analyzes intraday trading requires constant buying/selling.

Key Strategies for Success

Top Down On Two: for intraday traders the main strategy is to follow market trends which means “buy high and sell higher”. That includes finding stocks that are trending in one direction and riding the waves. These trends are spotted using tools like moving averages and trend lines.

Scalping: As the name suggests, scalpers make numerous small trades in a day. Traders who follow this approach look for tiny price discrepancies induced by order flows or spreads and profit from these. It takes a lot of focus and being able to act quickly.

Momentum Trading: This is where momentum traders look to profit from velocity drives, backed by high volume. It calls for seeking out stocks that are flying in one direction or the other and making trades to go along with those trends until it seems like they might be reversing.

Breakout Trading: Similar to range trading this involves seeking out support or resistance levels where a strong directional move is likely (breakouts), and entering a trade once price has closed outside of these levels. This strategy is based on the upsides that during an outbreak trading, prices also rise up.

The Role of Amicharts in Intraday Trading

Some of the advanced features that Amicharts adds to your intraday trading:

Live Data and Quotes: Amicharts have live data so that you can do intraday trading which is a necessity for day traders. The decentralized marketplace provides the highest liquidity and traders have access to real-time prices.

Advanced Charting Facilities: The system provides a range of chart figures such as gradient, linear and market profile charts. These tools aid traders in the visualization of price movements and patterns such as support / resistance levels, all crucial for making profitable trade setups.

Custom Indicators and Formulas: The custom indicators, as well as the custom formulas can be created using Amicharts’ powerful scripting language. This means customized strategies can come into the fray that work for individualized trading styles and goals.

Backtesting and Optimization: Amicharts provide you to backtest your trading strategy with the historical data. This feature will assist in going deeper on strategies and how they work across different market conditions. Optimization tools to search for the best parameters of trading systems

Intraday Trading in the Commodity Market


Intraday trading in any commodity is the activity where traders buy and sell commodities futures within the same trading day. This market contains gold, silver, crude oil and agricultural products. Commodity trading tricks can help you in understanding the market better, and allows traders to take action faster than others.

Strategies for Commodity Trading

Concentrate on Crucial Commodities: Traders must merely focus on a couple of commodities to attain an in-depth understanding of what makes them move in the first place. Geopolitical events, weather conditions, economic reports​, are just a few examples of commodity-specific drivers.

Amicharts: Tools of technical Analysis to read and analyze Price patterns & Trends by the Traders. Technical Indicators such as (RSI) Relative Strength Index, Moving Average Convergence Divergence [MACD] and Bollinger Bands etc. are frequently used to signal trades & economic decisions.

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Indian Stock and Commodity markets offer the best possibilities for Intraday trading with Amicharts Nevertheless it is really hard to understand its technical language, so before you start investing or buying futures, learn about it! Traders are open to using techniques like – Trend Following, Scalping and Breakout Trading that increases the probability of success. By providing real-time data, a wide range of custom indicators and powerful backtesting features, Amicharts advanced provides even more useful inputs to help traders make the best-informed decision and improve their performance. Nonetheless, intraday trading requires a disciplined mindset and preparation to trade the amplitudes as well as being aware of all its risks.