In India, due to the UPI Acknowledgement Interface (UPI), digital transactions have become simpler and faster. PhonePe, which is a UPI Android app based on the Unified Payment Interface offers an interface to manage all your bank transactions. But, it is important to keep your UPI PIN secure. If you want a new UPI Pin for security or in case of forgetting it, follow this guide to change and reset your PhonePe UPI Pin.

Understanding UPI and PhonePe

What is UPI?

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is an instant payment system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India, linking multiple bank accounts into a single mobile application which has turned many banking features like seamless fund routing and merchant payments simpler. It also serves “Peer to Peer” collect requests which can be scheduled and paid on the requirement, and as per convenience.

What is PhonePe?

PhonePe is a UPI based digital wallet application where users can transfer money quickly. This supports various available payment options such as bank transfer, mobile recharge; pay your electricity bill and so on. PhonePe has grown to become a popular mobile app across India with hundreds of Millions of users transacting online and over 10 languages supported in the app.

Steps for Changing UPI PIN in PhonePe

Changing your PhonePe UPI PIN is a very easy step. To keep your transactions safe, implement these steps-

Steps to Change UPI PIN

Launch the PhonePe App: First of all, open up your smartphone and start launching the PhonePe app.

Log In: Click your profile picture at the upper left corner of the home screen and access your own account.

Go to Bank Accounts: In the Profile menu, select ‘Bank Vouchers’. You will be able to see all the bank accounts attached with your PhonePe account.

Bank Account: Select the Bank for which you would like to update or change UPI PIN.

Select Change UPI PIN: (Tap on the button beside it) You need to verify by entering you existing UPI PIN

Set UPI PIN: Here, you have to first enter an existing UPI pin (your old UPI Pin), then set a new 4 or 6-digit soft code and confirm it again.

Confirm: Confirm the new UPI PIN, click on ‘Confirm’ Your UPI PIN update successful.

How To Set A Secure UPI PIN

Stay Away From The Obvious Numbers: Avoid using numbers that can easily be guessed; your birthday, anniversary, or common sequences such as 1234 and 0000.

Frequency Ask (This is a regular advice though): Change your UPI PINs every now and then for that added security layer.

Confidential: Do not tell your UPI PIN to anyone. PhonePe will not ask for your PIN over any communication

How to Change UPI Pin in PhonePe

So if you forget your UPI PIN then don’t worry just obtain it with the help of debit card info. Here’s how:

Steps to Reset UPI PIN

Open the PhonePe App: Launch your PhonePe mobile application on your smartphone.

Profile Section: Click on your profile picture at the upper-left corner to open up the profile section.

Also tap on Bank Accounts and a list of all your linked bank accounts will be displayed.

Choose Bank Account: Select for which bank account you want to change the UPI PIN.

Click on Reset UPI PIN >> Hit reset adjacent to the Call option. Enter the last 6 digits of your debit card and its expiry date.

Enter OTP : An OTP is received on your Registered Mobile number. Enter the OTP to proceed.

Create New UPI Pin: Fill up your new 6 digits pin and re-enter the same again.

Action: After you enter the new UPI PIN and click on submit button it will reset successfully now, it’s ready for transaction.

Reset UPI PIN With Aadhar

  • PhonePe also provides the UPI Pin Reset option with Aadhaar as a reset method. Here’s how:
  • Open PhonePe app > Tap on your profile picture.
  • Tap on Bank Accounts and Choose our bank account
  • Reset UPI PIN > Select ‘I’ near the UPI Pin Option>Select Aadhaar option reset UPI pin

Aadhaar Details: Enter the initial six digits of your Aadhar number.

  • You will now receive OTPs : one from your bank and another from UIDAI.
  • Re-enter the same UPI PIN and then click on submit
  • Confirm – Tap Confirm to finish the rest process.

Common Problems and Troubleshooting

Not Receiving OTP

If you still do not receive an OTP, make sure that your registered mobile number is active and running on the network. Make sure your PhonePe app get the rights for auto-fetch OTP. If the problem persists, you can reach out to PhonePe support.

Incorrect Aadhaar Details

In case of entering the wrong Aadhaar number a no. of times, then for your own security purpose you will be blocked to proceed with steps. Make sure you link your Aadhaar number with the right bank account.

Forgotten ATM PIN

In case you forget your ATM PIN, follow the normal process to reset that from either bank’s atm or internet banking portal and then retry for Set UPI Pin.

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PhonePe Changing or Reset UPI PIN: Security tasks to maintain the security of your digital transactions and most importantly, prevent fraud. That way, by following these stages you will be able to Maintain your UPI PIN very easily and also your important financial information is safe. This type of guaranteed safety for digital payments needs, obviously, requires you to regularly update your software and maintain confidentiality in the first place.