FASTag is a method of toll collection in India using radio frequency identification (RFID) to facilitate direct toll payments through prepaid or savings balances. All vehicles going through toll booths in India must have FASTag as of February 2021. Here are some steps to follow if you want to obtain a FASTag right away.

Understanding FASTag

FASTag is a self-reloading tag, which helps to allow for toll charges deduction automatically. It is attached to a car windscreen and works with RFID technology making it possible to pay for road fees right from the associated account hence gaining maximum convenience while traveling around the country by road.

Why You Need FASTag

Failing to obtain a FASTag could attract punishments including paying twice the amount charged through receiving systems due to a government order. They allow for smooth traffic flow as well as saving time through cutting down fuel consumption from reduced idling in toll plazas​.

Where to Get FASTag

FASTag can be accessed in person or via the internet. Each of these methods offers its own benefits, therefore you can select the most convenient for your needs.

Getting FASTag Online

  1. Choose a Reputable Issuer:

FASTags are offered by different banks and digital payment platforms such as Paytm, Amazon Pay as well as official bank websites; however, make sure the issuer is dependable.

  1. Prepare Required Documents:

Remember to bring along in your vehicle the relevant documents. This includes your vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC), driving license, Permanent Account Number (PAN) card and copy of the card, Aadhaar or Passport as proof of identity; passport size photograph(s) should also be carried by you.

  1. Apply Online:

Head to the issuer’s website, go to the FASTag section and correctly fill in the application form.

  1. Upload Documents:

Please scan the necessary documents and upload them according to the website’s specifications.

  1. Make Payment:

To complete the transaction, pay with e-banking, UPI, or debit/credit card. Such cost has replenishment balance together with the fare.

  1. Wait for Delivery:

When your request is approved, the FASTag will be sent to you at the address you provided. This generally happens within a couple of days although there are faster shipping options at times.

Getting FASTag Offline

  • Point of Sale (POS) locations at toll plazas, select bank branches and specific RTOs have FASTags from where they can be obtained. Locate a nearby POS terminal through My FASTag app and acquire one.
  • Drive your vehicle to the closest toll booth or approved site accompanied by your vehicle’s RC and the owner’s ID proof. You can make payment using cash or card​.
  • Present the Registration Certificate for your vehicle, the owner’s valid identification, and other required items.
  • You will need to pay an amount that is sufficient to cater for the cost of the FASTag and also have an initial minimum balance in your account. It is also possible for certain financial institutions to ask you for a deposit as a security measure.
  • Once your documents are checked and payment processed, the FASTag will be given to you at once. Stick it on your car’s windscreen according to instructions so that it works well.

Using the My FASTag App

The FASTag app helps in finding point of sale terminals and managing your FASTag account. This will let you top up and provide updates on your current balance as well as for facilitating quick shopping or installation sites within close proximity.

Costs and Fees

The cost of FASTag usually forms a total amount that comprises a one-time tag issuance fee, a refundable security deposit, and an initial balance, which charges depend on the kind of a vehicle:


  • Cars/Jeep/Van: ₹200 deposit, ₹100 threshold amount.
  • Light Commercial Vehicle: ₹200 deposit, ₹100 threshold amount.
  • Buses/Trucks: ₹300-₹500 deposit, ₹100 threshold amount​

Benefits of FASTag

  • It is unnecessary to make a stop for toll payment at the toll booths.
  • It benefits the fuel economy when there is no wastage of fuel at toll plazas.
  • Fewer emissions result from reduced idling.
  • Automated toll payment systems bring about a reduction in inconveniences.
  • Payments that are linked to your account are secure and traceable

Recharge and Maintenance

It is simple to renew your FASTag. You can achieve this through the issuing firm’s website, mobile applications and net banking or UPI, the account balance must be checked regularly so as to travel without interruptions.


Getting a FASTag should be a walk in the park, whether on the internet or offline. You will enjoy more efficiency, less hassle and help save the environment if you go for this option. Just make sure to have all required documents with you as well as selecting recognized issuers to guarantee proper payment at toll booths.