India’s toll payment system was revolutionized by FASTag making them instant and easy to use IDFC FIRST Bank offers a complete FASTag answer that requires know your client (KYC) certification. It will be possible to discuss IDFC’s method of KYC for a FASTag what it stands for as well as procedures involved along with advantages in this blog post.

What is IDFC FASTag?

To pay for the use of Indian national highways, the IDFC FASTag is an electronic toll collection system. Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is used by the seller to deduct toll charges automatically from the customer’s account when he or she goes through manned toll plazas on these highways.

Importance of KYC for FASTag

It is necessary to validate the identity of a FASTag user if one is to use them and this means relying on the KYC (Know Your Customer). This helps prevent scams and keeps money safe also conforming with law requirements.

Types of KYC for IDFC FASTag

For FASTag, IDFC provides two types of KYC which are Limited KYC and Full KYC. Limited KYC accounts have lower balances together with loading limits per month; however, Full KYC accounts are able to hold higher amounts without monthly limits in place. Full KYC entails a more detailed check on identity proof to confirm the identity of the person.

Documents Required for KYC

The following documents are mandatory to finish KYC for IDFC FASTag:


  1. Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)
  2. Identity Proof (Aadhaar, PAN card, etc.)
  3. Address Proof
  4. Passport-size photograph

Steps to Update KYC Online

1. Visit the IDFC FASTag website.

2. Log in using your registered mobile number and OTP.

3. Navigate to the ‘My Profile’ section and select ‘KYC’.

4. Upload the necessary documents and submit​

Offline KYC Update

If you wish to update your KYC using offline methods go to any of IDFC FIRST Bank branches or toll plaza authorized point of sale (POS) locations. Remember to carry with you all necessary documents for verification purposes​.

Benefits of Completing KYC

There are several advantages of Completing the KYC for your IDFC FASTag:

  • Full KYC means that the monthly reload cap is lifted and higher transaction limits are allowed.
  • Security is increased, and the law is followed strictly.
  • Continuous or unbroken toll payments.

How to Check KYC Status

To check your KYC status:

  1. Log in to the IDFC FASTag portal.
  2. Navigate to the ‘My Profile’ section.
  3. Check the KYC status displayed on the dashboard​

Common Issues and Solutions

Issue: KYC Pending or Rejected

Check the uploaded papers for any inaccuracies and if needed, submit them again.


Issue: Low Balance Alerts

Please make sure that there is enough money in your FASTag account so you don’t run out of balance. You might want to consider auto-recharge features that will provide more convenience and lower chances for running short of money.

Auto-Recharge Options

IDFC FASTag provides a service called auto-recharge that happens in different channels like WhatsApp, net banking, debit/credit card and UPI; it therefore helps in ensuring that your FASTag balance does not run out leading to stress-free toll payments.

Replacement and Closure of FASTag

When your car is sold or your FASTag gets damaged, you are required to obtain a new tag and deactivate the old one. To deactivate the old tag, kindly write a letter and attach a canceled cheque. Visit an IDFC outlet and get another tag.

Deadline for KYC Update

One thing you must note is that regulatory authorities are the ones who ordinarily determine the deadline for KYC update. I will give an example, the deadline was February 29 this year. In case you don’t renew it on time, that could mean deactivation will occur in your FASTag.

Customer Support

For any FASTag users who need their KYC updated, to check their balance, among other things, IDFC FIRST Bank offers solid customer support. Either their helpline or the website can be contacted by them.


Ensuring completion of IDFC FASTag KYC to pay tolls without stress while following the necessary rules. Your details are verified super fast once they are submitted so there are no delays at toll gates when using it as a mode for paying up your passage charges. Anybody who wants this information updated can do this exercise from anywhere irrespective of his location around India because we have both physical locations and online platforms at their disposal.