There is no doubt that THCA flowers have gotten super popular. And with tons of strain options, rightfully so. These flowers are quite versatile too as they give the user the option of choosing between a euphoric and non-euphoric option. If you too are looking to start your way into THCA wellness, we bring you some of the top shelf THCA flowers to choose from. Not only are these strains known for their exceptional effects, but they also boast impressive flavors to go along with. So, here is a list of our favorites. Consider these when starting for the first time.

Lemon Cherry Haze

The Lemon Cherry Haze is a delightful hybrid known for its uplifting and energizing effects. A sativa inspired hybrid, the Lemon Cherry Haze boasts light green flowers with golden hair all across. Rich trichromes cover the surface. The lovechild of the Lemon Skunk and the Cherry Haze strains, the Lemon Cherry Haze does real justice to its parents thanks to its wonderful flavors. Each puff lends your senses with a delectable citric taste with berry like undertones. Expect it to be accompanied by earthy notes. Exhales are often characterized by the strain’s sweet and fruity aftertaste. Potency wise, the Lemon Cherry Haze is classed as a medium potency strain, with THCA figures ranging over the 19 percent mark.

Kush Mints

Brighten up your mood with this wonderful, balanced hybrid. The Kush Mints is a trichrome-rich flower that is characterized by its lime green flowers with deep purple spots all across the nugs. This is well complemented by the orange hair scattered all across the flower’s surface. Offering quite a giddy and relaxing effect, the Kush Mintz combines the euphoria with a strangely lovely taste. Each puff of this strain offers a light menthol like flavor with a hint of pine. This fresh kick leaves behind a very minty aftertaste with slight herbal undertones. 

The Kush Mints is a cross of the Animal Mints and the Bubba Kush strains, that lends the strain a mild THCA potency of just over 19 percent. Consuming this strain is known to offer relaxing effects and is accompanied by such a fresh taste, it is no wonder why this THCA flower strain ranks so highly.


A balanced hybrid cross of the Zkittlez and the Gelato strain, the Runtz is considered among top shelf varieties by many users thanks to the strain’s superior flavors and effects. Offering a candy like sweetness with every puff, the strain overwhelms the senses with its spicy notes. Exhales will leave behind quite a sweet aftertaste with a slight earthiness. The nugs, too, are a wonderful sight to behold, with golden hairs covering the entirety of the dense olive-hued flowers. 

Effects wise, the strain is classed among potent strains, with THCA potency figures hovering over the 20 percent range. Some batches are known to have even up to 29 percent THCA, making this strain rank among the top potent strains. Users note a very bright and uplifting effect after consuming this strain, which leaves behind quite a relaxing sensation. Buy it online with free shipping and enjoy the rich, sweet taste of the Runtz strain.

Mimosa Cake

Looking for a more tropical taste to overflow with every puff? Well, we have the Mimosa Cake for you. A balanced hybrid known for its minty flavors, this THCA flower offers great potency to go along with the great taste. The lovechild of the Wedding Cake and the Mimosa strains, the tropical flavors are quite the legacy. Every puff lends an amusing taste to the palette that culminates in a fresh aftertaste with slight herbal tones. You can thank the high terpene concentration in the flowers for this. 

Mimosa Cake is also among one of the most potent THCA strains, with potency numbers over the 20 percent mark. Along with THCA, find traces of other cannabinoids too in the flower, including delta 9, CBG, CBC, and more, which takes the total potency number over 24 percent. This makes it an excellent choice for experienced users. 

Banana Kush

If you are after a more milder strain, we have Banana Kush for you. With a total potency figure barely above the 13 percent mark, this can be a great THCA flower strain for beginners. The strain offers great flavors along with a mild euphoria, which is known for its fruity and tropical taste. The aftertaste can be quite reminiscent of bananas, just as the name suggests! 

The offspring of the Skunk Haze and Ghost OG strains, the Banana Kush is a wonderfully balanced hybrid that harnesses the entirety of THCA wellness.

Grape Candy

Fun, grapey flavors with the Grape Candy strain. A super delicious hybrid known for its fruity notes, the Grape Candy is an Indica dominant hybrid with a high potency level. Packing in over 20 percent THCA along with trace cannabinoids like delta 9, CBC, and more to take up the total potency concentration to over 22 percent, the Grape Candy can be classified as a very potent strain. And although the flavors can be quite enticing, we do not recommend such potent THCA flower strains for first time users. 

Taste wise, the Grape Candy perfectly replicates the flavor profile of its parents; The Purple Pantera and the White Lemon strains. This means that every puff is ready to enrich your senses with a mixed berry flavor that tastes quite sweet. The exhale will leave your mouth with a more earthy and buttery sensation that many users appreciate.

These top shelf strains are some of the best to pick from. With each one offering a different taste and euphoria option, you are sure to fall in love with these strains. From minty fresh puffs to more rich, sweeter puffs, the options are practically endless with THCA flowers. Try these out and you are sure to find the perfect one to complement your THCA wellness needs.